Real Food Kitchen


Where do you deliver to?

Will you deliver to my apartment or condo?

Can you deliver to my office?

Is there a delivery fee?

What time will my delivery arrive?

How will I know when my order has arrived?

Do I need to be home to receive the delivery?

Can I choose my delivery day?

Can I choose my delivery time?

Do you deliver on weekends?

Can I recycle the packaging of my food and delivery bag?

Will you take back any packaging or products?

Why do you use dry ice? How do I dispose of it?

Pick Up

Do you offer pick-up options?


Is there a minimum order?

Is there a maximum order?

Is this a subscription service?

How often can I order?

Can I get a discount code?

Do you offer a referral program?

Where can I see my order history?

Will you confirm my order once it’s been placed?

How do I pay?


Do I need to make an account to order food?

Reheating & Storage

Is this a meal I’ll be cooking from scratch?

How do I heat my meals?

How will I know when my food is hot and ready to eat?

What equipment do I need to get my ready-made food on the table?

Will my food come with a best before date?

My Food

Does the Real Food Kitchen accommodate serious food allergies ?

Where can I see nutritional information & ingredients?

How many servings will each dish have?

After my food is thawed, how long will it last?

Do you serve Halal foods?


Where do I leave feedback?


What if there is something wrong with my delivery?

Can I cancel my order?

What if I’m unhappy with a dish in my order?