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Real Food Ketchup

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250ml (8 adult servings)

We don’t like to pass the ketchup.  We pass on the ketchup - unless it’s made from real food! Our tasty take on this top shelf condiment is made with real tomatoes, veggies, vinegar, some spices and just a touch of Ontario maple syrup goodness. That’s a sweet replacement for the liquid sugar often used in retail brand ketchup – 4-5 grams per tablespoon typically (Real Food Ketchup has just 2 grams). We cut the sodium too (why not?), and you’ll find none of those tricky “natural” flavours either. Real Food Ketchup makes a splash best with our delicious custom-made beef & mushroom burgers

Ready to eat. Delivered frozen.

Recommended pairings: This ketchup is a perfect addition to the Real Food Beef & Mushroom Burger, the Chickpea Patty and anything else you want to smother in tomato saucy goodness.

Preparation instructions: Thaw in fridge overnight or until thawed completely. Stir well. Store in fridge. Consume within 4 days after thawing. Enjoy!

Ingredients: crushed tomatoes (tomatoes, may contain citric acid), onions, apple cider vinegar, sugars (maple syrup), tomato paste (tomatoes, or tomato paste & water), sea salt, fresh garlic, spices, herbs.

Product information and packaging may change. Refer to the package label for specific ingredient and nutritional information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Soooo much better than store bought

I keep this in my freezer at all times. Just cut a chunk off and defrost in the micro. Perfect with the burgers.

I agree...

... with others in that I wish it had a longer shelf life. We are a family of 3 and only 2 of us eat ketchup so much of it goes to waste. I wish it wouldn't though because I appreciate this option. Thank you for making this healthier ketchup!

I only wish it had a longer shelf life!

This ketchup is so flavourful and I love that it’s not loaded with sugar. I just wish it had a longer shelf life so I could keep a bottle in my fridge and use it all the time!

Move over regular ketchup!

After trying this with the beef & mushroom burgers and with the chicken meteorites, I'll never be able to use regular ketchup again! RFK's version has much more texture, flavour and is much healthier. Amazing product :)