VG Meats Beef Mushroom Burger
Frozen VG Meats Beef Mushroom Burger
Beef Mushroom Burgers Label 8
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Beef & Mushroom Burgers

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Pack of 8 (8 adult/8 kid servings)

Is it possible to make people love burgers even more? We tried our best. The first thing’s to start with Ontario beef, raised happily on small family farms without added hormones or routine antibiotics. Add to that finely chopped portobello mushrooms, for perfect texture, juiciness, and added nutrients. A touch of water, some sea salt, spices and rice flour is all the rest. That means these simple beauties are free of gluten, GMOs, chemical preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, and aren’t too high in sodium too. Eat them straight up (seriously, they don’t even need a bun to be delicious) or make a burger with our Real Food Ketchup (If you want to know more, here’s the story of how and why we made these burgers)

Burgers are raw. Delivered frozen.

Recommended pairings: Grab your favourite bun, add a dollop of Real Food Ketchup and if you’re feeling inspired, sautee some mushroom and onions. A side greek salad or shredded carrot slaw wouldn’t hurt either!

Preparation instructions: Cook from frozen. Conventional Oven: Preheat oven to 400°F (200°C). Place burgers with parchment paper side down on baking sheet. Cook 14-16 minutes turning once halfway until golden on both sides or heated through to an internal temperature of 74°C/165°F. Store in the fridge and consume within 48hrs.  Enjoy!

Ingredients: beef (pasture raised, free of routine antibiotics and added-hormones), mushrooms, water, rice flour, sea salt, spices.

Product information and packaging may change. Refer to the package label for specific ingredient and nutritional information.