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320g (8 buns)

Achieve sandwich mastery!  Ozery Family Bakery One Buns are pre-sliced, low-cal, organic and thin, for burgers or whatever else you’d like to wrap with love. Made from hearty whole grains and seeds, they’re the less-filling, full-taste alternative to boring breads that let you down.

Delivered frozen.

Recommended pairings: These buns are a perfect fit for any burger! They also make a mean sandwich bun or can be toasted as an avocado breakfast sandwich! 

Preparation instructions: Grab and serve! Toast 'em first if that's your thing.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour & wheat germ, filtered water, multigrain mix (cracked wheat, cracked rye, crushed flax seeds, millet meal, cracked triticale, barley grits, sunflower seeds, rolled oats, durum semolina), organic sour dough (organic unbleached flour, filtered water, yeast, sea salt, organic sunflower oil), organic cane sugar, crushed flax seeds, yeast, oats, millet, sea salt, sunflower oil, cultured wheat starch, citric acid. Contains wheat, rye, triticale, barley, oats. May contain sesame seeds.

Product information and packaging may change. Refer to the package label for specific ingredient and nutritional information.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Yummy 🍔

Delicious... definitely recommend 😁

Faye Qi

this is my go to dish for a busy evening. it is quick to make and super yummy

Great low carb hamburger bun

This is a great healthy alternative to the regular hamburger bun that is commonly found in the grocery store. Less carbs!
Tastes great with the beef mushroom burger.

Jenn E
Perfect on the beef/mushroom burgers

Love these buns on burgers, but also for kids sandwiches!

So versatile and tasty

We love these healthy and tasty flatbread buns they're great with hamburgers but even better with peanut butter and jelly or a mini Falafel to have on the go. They also allow for kids to keep their hands pretty clean when having some of their first sandwiches