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500g (3-4 adult servings)


This Queen of grains goes well with just about anything. Quinoa is also whole-grain (a seed actually), gluten-free and one of the rare plants that has all nine essential amino acids. Grab some along with one of our mains and be dinner ready in minutes.

Ready to eat. Delivered frozen.

Recommended pairings - quinoa is so versatile you can pair it with almost any of our Real Food Kitchen-made proteins or toss it into a salad with your favourite veggies & dressing! It can also be served in place of oats for your morning meal.

All items are fully cooked. Preparation instructions: Thaw and serve, or to heat just add a little water, cover and warm on the stovetop on low heat, stirring occasionally until heated through. Consume within 48 hours after thawing. Enjoy!

INGREDIENTS: water, quinoa, spices.

Product information and packaging may change. Refer to the package label for specific ingredient and nutritional information.