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Allergen control is our top priority! Search here

Find products that are made without the following allergens:

*Rest assured our facility is completely free from peanuts, shellfish, and tree nuts.

Meal Heroes

  • Mac'n Cheese
    Mac'n Cheese Carrots
  • Gong Bao Chicken
    Gong Bao Chicken rice broccoli
  • White Bean Curry
    White Bean Curry Vegetarian
  • Marinara Beef Meatballs
  • Paprika Chicken
    Paprika Chicken Quinoa
  • Beef & Mushroom Burgers
    VG Meats Beef Mushroom Burger
  • chick-a-noodle soup
    chicken noodle soup
  • Chickpea Crusted Chicken Meteorites
    Chickpea Crusted Chicken Meteorites Nuggets Real Food Ketchup
  • Vegetarian Pasta Bake
    Veggie Pasta Bake
  • Madagascar Chicken
    Madagascar Chicken baked
  • Sri Lankan Chicken
    Sri Lankan Chicken Rice Broccoli
  • Sri Lankan Chicken (for 1)
    Sri Lankan Chicken For One Lunches
  • Beef Bolognese
    Ontario Beef Bolognese
  • Mumbai Chicken
    Mumbai Chicken Quinoa Cucumber
  • Chili Chili Bang Bang
  • Jerk Chicken
    Jerk Chicken Quinoa Slaw
  • Ratatouille
    Ratatouille Rice Veggies
  • Chickpea Chowder
  • Chickpea Chowder (for 1)
    Chickpea Chowder For One Lunches
  • Chickpea Patties
    Chickpea Patty Vegetarian Vegan  Burger

Real Food Add-ons

  • Golden Quinoa Pilaf
    Golden Quinoa Pilaf spices
  • nitrate-free beef pepperette
    Nitrate-Free Mild Beef Pepperettes
  • nitrate-free wood smoked bacon
  • real food bbq sauce
    Real Food BBQ Barbeque Sauce
  • Avocado Bean Guacamole
    Avocado Bean Guacamole Dip Chips Salsa

Real Food Treats

  • choco-chip cookies
  • Oat & Quinoa Cocoa Bars
    Wise Bites Oat Quinoa Fudge Bar
  • Cocoa Chic'Pea Spread
    Cocoa Chic'pea Spread Chocolate
  • Cocoa Beet Loaf
    Cocoa Beet Loaf Baked

Pantry specials!

  • Organic Granola Bars
    MadeGood Strawberry Organic Granola Bars
  • Multigrain & Chia Crisps
    Barrie's Asparagus Multigrain Chia Crisps Chips Crackers

Real Food Gift Cards and Donations

  • to people in need
  • to employees
  • to new parents
  • to anyone!

⬑Choose from these noble options to donate or gift Real Food! You can also contact us to hear more about how we can help with gifting to groups of 10 or more. Easily offer a gift specifically for your team.

How It Works

the real food promise

No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners

No added nitrates or nitrites

Peanut, tree-nut & shellfish free

Vegetarian & vegan meals made in our Kitchen, not a laboratory

Whole grain side dishes

An abundance of fresh produce

Always from Ontario:

  • Beef - pasture-raised without added hormones or routine antibiotics
  • Pork - pasture-raised without routine antibiotics (or added hormones, like all pork)
  • Air-chilled chicken & fresh dairy products
  • High quality custom-made products from local producers

Globally inspired dishes

We advocate for the mandatory labelling of GMOs

Real Food for Real Kids

The RFRK Story

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