Eat Like a Hero

Assist the Frontline With Your Real Food Order
THANK YOU, GTHL families, for playing stay-at-home defense for many weeks now. And serious stick taps to our frontline heroes - who are giving their all, on every shift. Here’s a simple play that helps you stay healthy at home and also gives back to these MVPs:

Order delicious food for your family from


  • Save 5% off your order
  • An extra 5% will be donated for you to the GTHL Legacy Fund
  • An extra 10% will be gifted for you in real food to frontline workers.
You’ll get super tasty ready-made meals delivered safely to your home. Quality local ingredients are cooked daily into inspired dishes. With no artificial anything and designed to nourish, these quick-thaw, frozen Real Food Kitchen favourites are kid-approved and loved by grown-ups!

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