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We got your back!

If you're leading a homeschool or learning pod, you are busy as heck and are doing a great thing - stay strong, we're here to help!

Our parent company, Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK) has served millions of deliciously nourishing meals to kids in daycares and schools since 2004. With COVID shutdowns, we saw our families shift focus from schools and daycares to home care and a whole new set of challenges. To help, we created this online store you're in right now - Real Food Kitchen. From this platform, we are psyched to help you with easy online ordering and convenient home delivery.

RFRK Learning Pod Lunch Programs take the stress of meal planning off your plate by providing curated menus and allergy & special meal replacements. And, we use safe "sous vide" material as packaging. This means if you don't have access to a stove or microwave, so you can quickly and safely re-heat the meals using a simple pot of hot water!

Yes, it is that simple. COVID safe, super quick & super easy.

Take a look at the menu below and let us know how well this meets your needs.

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Kid-Approved Favourites

  • Madagascar Chicken
    Madagascar Chicken baked
  • Cocoa Beet Loaf
  • chickpea crusted chicken meteorites
  • Sri Lankan Chicken
    Chicken Dinner brown rice
  • Mac'n Cheese
    Mac'n Cheese Carrots
  • Beef Bolognese
    Beef Bolognese Pasta
  • chick-a-noodle soup
    chicken noodle soup
  • mac'n cheese magic pouch

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